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Avoiding the One-Hit-Wonder Syndrome

Is innovation in your brand or business just a ‘one-hit-wonder’ (OHW), a lucky coincidence or single stroke of genius that fails to replicate?Is your internal idea engine churning up countless ideas with little or no strategic relevance? If you are like the majority of business leaders and executives around the globe, you are probably frustrated by the erratic nature of innovation. It can’t and won’t just happen; it has to be owned, supported and driven by leadership.

As with all functions in the value chain, innovation requires the same level of focus – perhaps even more. Yes, we find the odd business where we have appointed Innovation Champions and Managers, however often without substance at board level, lacking authority and executive sway. As such, innovation does not enjoy the necessary support and investment as do other functions, despite the strategic importance recognised by leadership.

So in an ever-changing world, innovation around your brand, and your business (without a sound strategic foundation and buy-in) is bound to fail or become an OHW, if not internally, then even worse, with your customers.

Stuart Murray

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