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Beyond Just the Face

Identical twins grow up in the same home; one twin grows up to be a successful man with a family of his own, while the other becomes a serial killer who never moves out of his parents’ basement. Moral of the story: People may look identical and have the same background, but it does not mean that they think the same or want the same things.

With modern consumers and their ‘needs’ changing as rapidly as the times, how does your brand keep up with who you are talking to? Surely the job to be done here is to identify what fundamentally goes on in their minds and hearts, which ultimately guides what influences consumer behaviour and drives brand choices.

A thorough understanding of your target segment is equally as important as product development. We are living in an age where the two cannot exist in isolation, for without the consumer there is no brand. The challenge is to move beyond segmentation by pie charts and models and into segmenting based on what drives the human beyond face value.


The Strategy Department

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