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Big Brand Promises Need to Deliver

Big Brand Promises Need to DeliverTelkom, the brand most South African’s love to hate has made a huge advertising move to try re-position themselves with their new BoltSpeed Fibre.  Claiming the fastest fibre speed in the country, and partnering with the fastest man in the world, their promises are big, but can they deliver? With a historical legacy of being South African, and their iconic advert of “Molo” from the 1990’s, Telkom are clearly trying to shift themselves into being a world-class provider of fibre.  So they have partnered with Usain Bolt, a world icon synonymous with speed, in brilliantly conceptualised and executed campaign. They have even managed to maintain the baby theme without it feeling forced. It shows product benefits in a clever way, it shows Telkom’s commitment to the future and evolving its products. It truly places Telkom on a world stage in advertising standards. Here’s the Big Brand Promises Need to Deliverad here. Telkom are going beyond just the advertising by showcasing the new fibre through the Telkom Unlimited Movie Marathon Guinness World Records™ attempt. This PR drive will prove the speed and functionality of the product, but is it enough? However, in the world of interconnectedness and a consumer that is not afraid to voice their opinions, brands need to be more careful than ever to deliver against their promises. The question that I think needs to be asked is, has Telkom evolved anything other than just its advertising and products? Have they done work on their service delivery? Is the national footprint (of the new fibre not the old historical fibre) substantial enough to Big Brand Promises Need to Deliverdeliver? Or are they running another risk of letting down the consumers. So here we sit, with a new brand positioning and great advertising, paired with a brand has been frustrating customers through poor service delivery.  So, as Bill Burbach from DDB said, “Nothing kills a bad product faster than great advertising”, and only time will tell whether Telkom’s BoltSpeed product can deliver on its advertising claims, and here’s hoping we are witnessing the birth of a new champion. At The Strategy Department we develop clear strategies that give brands a strong foundation on which to grow. With our combined experience across multiple industries and channels, we build strategies that deliver measurable results. So, for your next strategic marketing project call us on 011 244 2160. 

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