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House of Brands, Branded House… the scenarios of Brand Architecture models bandied around during executive workshops are endless and often confusing. At the same time, they are a rare opportunity to lay flat the brand systems of an organisation and re-invent the way customers can navigate the range of products and services.

This provides the opportunity to do away with legacy decisions that hamper seamless customer experience and to re-think the way a brand’s promise is delivered. But far too often it is, in practice, reduced to its most simplistic form: the size of the endorsement logo on the product pack, or at the bottom of a business card.

The reality is that creating a truly brand-led experience doesn’t have to be highly complex.  If you build your brand architecture with your customers in mind and not your business organogram, you can create a platform to grow your brands by making navigation of them easy for the customer.

Richard Prévost

The Strategy Department

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