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Brands in the New Age

In today’s day and age, is it not time to start asking whether we should re-look the concept of brand? For one simple reason, if the world around us is changing so rapidly, is the traditional approach to brands and branding always appropriate? ‘Always’ being the key word. We are not suggesting throwing the baby out with the bath water, and we are certainly not suggesting that a new approach is needed for all brands, but brands now have the opportunity to redefine their approach in a new world.

Imagine a world where a brand could behave in different ways and more appropriately within different environments, so that it becomes a natural part of it. It may seem to go against the very familiar concept of consistency, but it does not have to. Why would a brand behave the same in a supermarket as it would in a neighbourhood market? Currently brands behave ‘top down’ which means they look and behave in the exact same way in all environments, so that they deliver a consistent brand experience. However, people are changing; they are choosing environments that are appropriate to them and form part of their identity, they are seeking authenticity; so brands should explore behaving with a ‘bottom up’ approach. Why should a brand impose itself into an environment when it could enhance and be a natural part of it?

Is there an opportunity to deconstruct your brand and use aspects that are appropriate to different scenarios or environments? Finding a way to fit into a consumer’s chosen environment yet still be true to who you are, making it more about how you behave than what you say. It certainly will shake thinking up a bit, especially for die-hard traditionalists, but perhaps now is the time to start exploring new realities. We preach change; maybe now is the time to live it.

The Strategy Department

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