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Business as a Brand Driver

The importance of a business’brand is changing. No longer can brand be something that concerns only the marketing department but rather, for businesses that are truly successful, the brand is a part of their strategy, direction and future. They truly use the brands to bring the business to life.

Brand must take its lead from business.  If you have a very expensive product, you cannot position it as a value brand. If your staff are formal, you cannot be positioned as quirky. If your IT is slow and cumbersome, you cannot claim speed and efficacy.

So delivering a promise requires competitive products, lots of capital, skilled people and advanced systems. But business leaders must embrace the idea that brand strategy has a direct correlation to business strategy, and the brand sits within every operational decision to deliver a truly unique and desirable experience time and time again.

Lara Cassel

The Strategy Department

At The Strategy Department we develop clear strategies that give brands a strong foundation on which to grow. With our combined experience across multiple industries and channels, we build strategies that deliver measurable results.


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