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Do You Have the Complete Picture?

The concept of marketing effectiveness first came to prominence in the late 1990s, and in 2006 the book “What Sticks” (Briggs and Stuart) was named the number one book in marketing by Advertising Age. Most brand builders are constantly looking for a better return on their investment, yet many fail to start with the complete picture.

Many do not start out with a clear customer journey map. They may know who their core customers are, but most will not have spent the time mapping out and telling the story of their customer experience; from initial contact, through the process of engagement and into a long-term relationship. Many will not have identified the key interactions that the customer has with the brand, or unpacked their customers’ emotions, feelings, thoughts and motivations at each of the different touch-points, nor the relative importance of each interaction within the total mix. Only with the complete understanding of how customers move through the brand engagement funnel both physically and emotionally, in the real world and the online world, can we clearly identify opportunities to enhance their experience.

So the key question is: Does your current strategy show you the full customer experience? Does it include a clear customer journey map?  Do you really have the complete picture in order to maximise your return on investment?

Clive Evans

The Strategy Department

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