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Are Your Employees A Part of Your Brand?

Your greatest brand assets leave your offices everyday, and carry your brand with them.  So the question needs to be asked whether or not you have taken the time to make sure your people align with (and can live) your brand?

Focus is so often placed on getting the brand right ‘out there’, making the right brand communications, and all too often it is forgotten that your biggest and best source of potential brand advocacy is actually in the office next to yours. If this concept were embraced, business would spend the time and resources training their employees – how to talk about the brand, what it stands for, and how they are integral to bringing it to life. But it can only be achieved when there is a solid connection between the employee and the brand; a connection built on knowledge, resonance and mutual benefit.

The most successful brand integration is where your brand is aligned to everything in your business, including your staff’s performance measurement and interview processes. So when you are next looking to build your brand, perhaps look inside to see what valuable assets you have already, and work out the best way to leverage them. Through this, not only are you ensuring your brand will deliver on its promise, but will also entrench your brand in your people, ensuring that when they leave the office it is in safe hands.

Mbali Sekautu

The Strategy Department

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