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Are You Getting the Full Package?

In the past decade sponsorship has morphed from a passive, often philanthropic form of marketing into a key strategic brand building initiative that now enjoys a respectable share of marketing budgets worldwide. This accelerated growth has, however, brought increased attention and scrutiny to the value of many sponsorship properties.

Pause to consider who sponsors our national teams; who are the lead sponsors of BafanaBafana, the Springboks, the Proteas? Even the most ardent sports fan could not name all three (nobody seems to want to ‘buy’ SA rugby) and most will not be able to name one lead sponsor correctly. But in truth, the point of sponsorship is not just about someone remembering who sponsors what after seeing a logo somewhere; it’s about building relationships with customers, suppliers and employees towards building brand equity and loyalty over the long term. Consistency, persistency, relevance and leverage are key. Importantly, it’s also not just about mega-investments to break through the clutter. Sponsorship success is far more about what you do with the property than the actual level and benefits conferred. All you need is a plan to make your sponsorship punch way above its weight.

So, when you next review your sponsorship strategy, ask yourself; how strong is your leverage, are you reaping the rewards your brand investment deserves, are you really getting the full package?

Clive Evans, The Strategy Department

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