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We build the foundations for strong brands. ‘Insights and Understanding’ may be a stand-alone research project or the first phase of a larger strategy project. Our focus and passion is in ‘Strategy Development’ towards providing a real competitive edge.

We want to see our strategies come to life; this is what we term ‘Implementation’ and we want our trade to grow, so we do this through ‘Training.’
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Insights & Understanding

Mystery shoppers (Qualitative)
Here, we go ‘undercover’ to asses the quality of both goods and services and then we map the customer experiences through the various touchpoints with the brand.

Informal Intercepts (Qualitative)
Our informal Vox Pops (video interviews) and conversations with customers reveal human truths and golden nuggets regards attitudes, perceptions and behaviours.

Key Stakeholder Interviews (Qualitative)
Through 1on1 interviews with staff and customers we unpack both ‘pleasure and pain points’. Golden nuggets unearthed here are then tested in a quantitative phase.

Online Customer Satisfaction and Staff Surveys (Quantitative)
Our independent, end to end approach is engineered to ensure you gain the insight and understanding necessary to both leverage strengths and mitigate weaknesses.

Climate Check
Key to unlocking the way forward for any Strategy Development are sound insights and a clear understanding of the challenges and opportunity gaps. In the Climate Check we deep-dive into 4 key components:
1. Customer Analysis
Who are the key stakeholders, what are their needs, beliefs and behaviours?
2. Industry Analysis
What are the macro and micro dynamics and influences on and within the category?
3. Competitor Analysis
Who are the key players, what are their engagement strategies?
4. Brand Audit
Where are we now? Where could or should we now go, relative to the competition?

Business Analysis
Where the Climate Check provides an external perspective, the Business Analysis provides an internal perspective. Here, we sit with key personnel to understand your business, its inner workings and capabilities, we review any and all documents and research available, to ensure the strategies we develop are geared to provide the correct business solutions.
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Strategy Development

Brand Architecture
Brand Architecture is the art of linking brand offerings, in varying degrees, to help customers navigate, understand and purchase the relevant products or services. Here, our rigorous approach serves to manage potential chaos and create clarity with the end goal being to maximize the value of the portfolio.

Brand Internalisation
Your staff are your brand; you depend on them to build your name through each and every experience. But seldom do we remember that we first need to ‘win’ our staff in order for them to ‘win’ our customers. Through our process we ‘Inform’, ‘Inspire’ and ‘Involve’ staff in all aspects of the brand because only when they are truly engaged can they be advocates.

Brand Naming
A name can come from anywhere, but the brand name will get used more and must last longer than any other investment. With the use of our Naming Conventions and the Brand Positioning Strategy, we will help to develop a naming structure and brand name that is unique, relevant and can be owned.

Brand Positioning Strategy
What makes your brand different, better, special? What will make your customers choose you over the competition? What is your brand purpose and idea? What are your values, your benefits, your personality, your tonality? We build Brand Positioning Strategies that are relevant, credible and differentiated towards future proofing your brand and business.

Communications Strategy
The Communications Strategy serves to bring the Brand Positioning to life. ‘What’ you say is as important as ‘how’ and ‘where’ you say it whilst how you ‘behave’ is often a better reflection of who you really are. Here, we ensure that your communications will be consistent, relevant and resonant to the key stakeholders, across the different touch-points.

Customer Journey Mapping
Customers interact with your brand over multiple touch points; from a website to a phone call to an advert to the actual product or service delivery. Our process is to analyze and map the consumer journey in order to improve the quality of the customer experience with your brand at each and every interaction so as to improve your brand delivery and equity.

Customer Relationship Management
CRM refers to practices and strategies used to analyze and manage customer data and interactions, towards improving customer retention and driving sales growth. In the age of big data and infobesity the challenge is how to best use all the information available. We manually mine your data and plot the key trends so that we can start to shape the future.

Customer Segmentation
Customer segmentation is about identifying your brands most profitable customer segments and then determining how best to engage with and serve each sector. Here we analyze and map your sales against consumer life-stage, need-state and archetype models to create ‘user groups’ and then we develop bespoke plans to address the priority sectors.

Direct Marketing
Personalisation and relevance are key to breaking through the clutter. Our Direct Marketing process ensures that whether the engagement is a digital campaign or a personalised gift, you can be sure that you are reaching the right customers in the right way with the right messages; to deliver targeted and measurable results.

Digital Strategy
We live in a digital world, but consumers don’t see the difference between online and offline. Our approach to developing digital strategies is to ensure that everything we do in the digital space is aligned to the overarching brand strategy and business objectives. The magic is not just what happens online, but what happens outside of it because of it.

Loyalty and Reward Programs
Loyalty and Reward Programs can provide competitive advantage, but are you adding real value for your customers and are you achieving the optimal engagement levels for your business? We can help to design and package a bespoke loyalty program, complete with mechanics and structure or we can help to asses and improve an existing program.

Marketing Strategy
Marketing goes far beyond just the Brand Positioning Idea or a Communication Strategy. In the perennial quest to drive sales and grow market share, the Marketing Strategy defines the process plan and key elements necessary to achieve the set objectives. We can build the mix of P’s, or we can review your current mix towards achieving your business ambitions.

Sponsorship Strategy
Sponsorships are great a platform to help enrich relationships towards building brand appeal and preference, but are you really sweating your asset? Sponsorship success is far more about what you do with the property than the actual level and benefits conferred. We can build a brand-led plan to help make your sponsorship punch way above its weight.
green_block - The Strategy Department Implementation

We pride ourselves on not being a consultancy – instead we aim to be a part of the brand team and help to impliment the strategies we develop, towards achieving the right results. We will work closely with your team to ensure that all brand engagements and creative executions bring the strategy to life towards achieving your set business objective.

Typically our ‘Implementation Support’ covers the likes of writing briefs through to reviewing creative outputs or managing research projects. If you don’t have a marketing team or an agency we will help recruit and support the talent necessary for the task.
turquoise_block The Strategy Department - Training

Training, like Strategy, is a future orientated investment; and should be mandatory. At The Strategy Department we have a culture of sharing and hence we actively develop young strategic talent specifically to ensure up-skilling and knowledge transfer for the future of our trade. We would like to think of ourselves as an incubator for Strategy; many students have heard us lecture and many interns have passed through our doors. We also provide ‘Training’ as a service to Agencies and Corporates alike.

Training For Agencies
Whether it is your client service or creative team that you feel need to better understand strategy, we will provide bespoke workshops to take them through the process and deliverables. By better understanding strategy, its intentions and role, your team will be better able to add value to your clients business.

Training For Corporates
Here, we provide bespoke workshops on the importance of strategy and brand building to the business. We share best practice case studies and start to draw parallels between inspirational examples and local in-category realities of relevance to your business.

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