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You Are What You Do, Not Only What You Say

What is the purpose of Corporate Social Investment in this evolving world? Why are businesses spending their hard-earned profit on something that doesn’t generate revenue? Beyond saying they have to, perhaps it’s because brands are understanding that in the world of inter-connectedness and transparency, it really isn’t just what you say anymore, but what you do that counts.

In a world of increased consciousness the plight of the universe is evident at every turn. From your social media feeds to almost every street light, the world’s challenges are being put into the spotlight. Brands are often inundated with requests, each as compelling and worthy as the next. So how do you know where to invest?

Let your brand strategy decide. Is it something that your whole business can buy into? Can your staff stand tall and be proud of what you are doing? Can this make your customers proud? But most importantly, does it fit in with and show who you are and what you stand for? At the end of the day, it’s not about the popular choice, but the right choice for the brand that matters.

Lara Cassel, The Strategy Department

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